Concept Designs


Concept designs for two development projects  LANDHOUSE is currently looking at two sites for small residential developments of which concepts designs are being drawn up.


Ferrum House, Bruton


A current project under construction , this is a specific design of a residential property in a urban setting.



Welham Studios is the result of the Swimomish Project US.  On a small plot of land near Somerton in Somerset, we have built LANDHOUSE UK offices combined with two artist studios. The building is oriented to suite the shape of the plot but also to take advantage of passive solar heat and the sweeping views.




The layouts here are for a 1,400 square foot, two-storey, three bedroom houses.

We are using one and two storey LANDHOUSES for a project in the Pacific Northwest of the US. We are working with Ray Williams who heads a non-profit organisation called ‘One with Creation'. This organisation is an Indian Housing Initiative addressing the lack of safe, affordable, environmentally and culturally appropriate housing for the Coast Salish Peoples of the Pacific Northwest.

Some of the images on the right show our proposed layout of single and two storey LANDHOUSES. They are combined in various ways to provide appropriate housing based on the particular needs of the tribe members. As you can see, they are carefully grouped together (again based on their function), sculpted into the landscape and joined with gently curving roads where necessary.