The LANDHOUSE designer, Mark Merer, is an artist-sculptor with a landart background who feels compelled to correct the intrusive nature of many modern developments. Every time he passes a new housing development the same question arises “why don’t we build in a more intergrated way” (article Opinion piece green places.pdf ).

Many developments use modern and sustainable construction methods but visually imitate buildings from a bygone age. In the past buildings reflected the times in which they were built.

Getting form and layout right is vital to integrate with a site and its surroundings.

We are committed to developing the form and layout of our houses with the needs and well being of the occupants in mind.

We are also committed to developing original designs that integrate with there surroundings. While the performance of the houses will be to high levels of efficiency and low levels of energy consumption through insulation, recovery and recycling.

The links between sculpture and architecture are not always apparent in modern developments and we would like to think that LANDHOUSE is attempting to address that with innovative design.